What's New:

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I'll be playing DeDe Robertson in The Eyes of Tammy Faye. Arriving September 17 2021.


I had the most fun filming Mrs. Bookberry for Creep Show Season 2. Look for her on April 1, 2021.

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Watchmen on HBO. What a freakin' rad show!



Still, Birth. the play I co-wrote with Robyne Parrish will have it's third run in NYC September 17-19 at Chain Theatre. 

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I wrote and shot a six-episode series called Supermodel Twinning. It's currently running through the film festival circuit.

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I wrote, directed, shot, and starred in this sketch about one-hit-wonder, CUNTRY. Thanks quarantine! 

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Barbara Kim was a joy to play in Miami Motel Stories with Juggerknot Theater Company.

Still, Birth.

the film debuted at Indie Memphis Film Festival in 2020. 

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I got to play with the Non-Violet Offenders and we won second place at the Atlanta Sketchfest Competition!